Monday, July 11, 2011

Why are people from new jersey such assholes?

i live in jersey and just can't take the people who live here anymore. many people around here point there fingers at italians, but it's not just them. it's everyone. i know italians in other states who i've never seen act like these creatures we call new jersians(if you can consider that a word) so it;s no knock towards any specific race, but i can't stand those f**king guido's from jersey shore. they've completely tarnished any hope that new jersey would one day have some kind of respect towards people here. i've been to every state on the east coast and i haven't met one person who has one percent of the hostility that these people have. i just needed to rant about this and i hope someone has an answer as to why people from new jersey are so... ignorant, unintelligent, and above all else, thick headed. i can't wait until i get out of here once and for all.

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